Client management

Identify the right clients to grow your business, and keep data on them current.

Why is it important?

If you have the wrong clients, it makes the relationships hard.

It’s easier and cheaper to find and service clients who suit your business, and with whom you enjoy working.

Client Management is choosing and having the right relationships with the right clients. That means losing the idea of ‘any client is a good client’. As your business grows, this will hold you back.

What’s best practice?

  1. You know where your new markets are and how to generate revenue from them.
  2. Your operational management systems track and understand the Buyer’s Journey.
  3. You know the difference between good and bad clients – and your team does, too.
  4. You reject clients who don’t fit your business.
  5. Your business is clear on the key measures of success for a good client.