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How Do You Keep Yourself Relevant?

Debbie Richardson
Debbie Richardson is the Founder of Marketing for CEOS. She unravels strategic marketing for CEOs of ambitious businesses looking for growth and applies her corporate experience to help businesses build strategic marketing capability that delivers revenue.

I spent the day with the Australian Business Centre for Growth at their ‘Five Ways to Accelerate Growth’ workshop. There was an interesting conversation about Leader’s Responsibilities and there are 7. Here they are:

  1. Direction – vision, values and plan
  2. Communication – internal and external
  3. Build and lead the top team
  4. Create a high-performance culture
  5. Maximise corporate resources
  6. Governance and alignment
  7. Learning – anticipate and lead growth transitions

I was specifically interested in #7 as over the last 12 months I have been looking at how as business leaders we learn and keep ourselves relevant. I suppose what I am saying is how do I learn and keep myself relevant!

This research has taken me down some interesting rabbit holes and I have been looking at what’s out there to facilitate our learning and development as leaders. I have been speaking to some of my CEO/business leader friends and our own clients and asked them the question I am asking you – how do you keep yourself relevant?

There have been many answers - from ad-hoc seminars, workshops etc that are put on by a wide range of organisations. There are business groups of which I belong to a couple, and they have different formats. There’s the good old book, newspaper and periodicals, and then, of course, there’s Google. They get in consultants or industry experts/specialist. Then there’s online – did you know the online learning market is worth $106bn globally – there’s a range of experiences there too. There seems to be a never-ending list of options.

I found this quote in an article in HBR which really resonated with me. As AT&T CEO and Chair Randall Stephenson “There is a need to retool yourself, and you should not expect to stop….People who do not spend five to 10 hours a week in online learning will obsolete themselves with the technology.”

So here’s my question – how do YOU keep you and your teams relevant?


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