My Marketing Mentor Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Fit For Purpose

Sadly too much marketing ‘chat’ revolves around the collateral your business produces – what do I mean by that? It’s the marketing communication tools your business creates – websites, brochures, flyers, newsletters etc. To us it’s the marketing distraction – they are the tactics, just outputs.

One of our first conversations about ‘collateral’ is establishing what you need in your business and sector to be fit for purpose. Fit for purpose is what you need to get your business onto the playing field. I will give you an example – your market, your competitors could have sophisticated websites, digital assets or not. I met a business owner this week that didn’t have or need a website [a first!]

Your marketing materials need to do the following:

  1. Support the marketing activity of your business so they need to be relevant to what you are doing.
  2. All elements need to be consistent not only with each other but the verbal/language that is being used in your business.

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