My Marketing Benchmark

All businesses need to market themselves, but if your marketing is tactical rather than strategic (take a look at our video)  it will not be supporting your business and will be costing you money.  

Effective strategic marketing will help your business grow sustainably.  Our 9 BoxesTM comprise a structured framework covering the key areas of strategic marketing – all of which need to be aligned to deliver maximum benefit to your business.

The first step to using the 9 BoxesTM is to take the My Marketing BenchmarkTM, which is designed to make an objective appraisal of how your marketing function is performing and identify fundamental gaps in your marketing strategy.

My Marketing BenchmarkTM consists of 45 questions every business (regardless of size) needs to ask of its marketing strategy.  On completion you will receive a Strategic Marketing Assessment Scorecard which identifies which areas of your business are working well, which are work in progress and which are the areas which need attention.  You can then progress to the appropriate Box in the 9 BoxesTM framework to see how to improve this aspect of your business.

The 9 BoxesTM framework is designed to give business leaders confidence to make better-informed decisions around the time and money invested in marketing.  It all starts with the My Marketing BenchmarkTM, and to date over 4,000 executives internationally have used it to help them turn tactical marketing into a strategic marketing resource that delivers long-term, profitable revenue.


Your results from MY MARKETING BENCHMARKTM will help you prioritise the areas of your marketing capability that need work.

What do your benchmark results mean?

If you’ve scored below 30%, take a break. Whatever you’re investing time or money in right now won’t be helping your bottom line. Best bet? Work out your top three priority boxes – and make sure one of them is Position – and get some help with the actions. Re-score in three months.

If you’ve scored 30–79%, there’s room to improve. Look closely at the boxes that need attention and create a six-month action plan before re-scoring.

Scoring 80+% means you’re kicking goals in your business, so well done. Focus your next six months on the areas that will raise your score even higher, then re-score.

How to turn your scores into actions

For your business to have fully-functioning marketing you need to score 85–95%. But how do you get there?

  1. Look at your business objectives. It doesn’t matter if they’re on a beer mat or in a business plan.
  2. Go through your answers again and challenge your thinking. It’s worth involving your management team or others around you to get their thoughts.
  3. ALWAYS review Position first. You need to score five ticks here before you tackle other boxes.
  4. The neutrals could be your quick wins, so look at those.
  5. Ask yourself this question: If I fix this box, will it help me achieve my current business objectives?

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