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A unique tool used by over 3,000 business leaders worldwide. It enables you to make an objective appraisal of your business' marketing performance and its ability to compete successfully. Use My Marketing Benchmark and you'll highlight any gaps and discover how to establish a strategic marketing plan that delivers long-term revenue.

By scoring your business on each of the 9 Boxes your business will understand how to:

FIND - Understand how your business sources its clients

CONVERT - Understand how your customers buy from you

DELIVER - Understand how your business services its clients

As you complete My Marketing Benchmark you will score using the scheme below:

Working: working well no need to change
Work in progress: not great but not terrible either
Needs Work: not working well: needs fixing

We suggest you score your business initially in a fairly instinctive fashion, reviewing your choices in a more considered manner later if necessary.