Do you know which channels give you access to you clients?

Get Channel right and you’ll know, measure and track the right ways to reach your customers.

Why is it important?

Channel is how you source new business. These could be third-party relationships, often referred to as ‘word of mouth’, or traditional marketing channels like digital marketing, advertising and PR.

Understanding Channel is crucial for revenue generation. It’s also imperative that you market with clarity to your channel partners.

Your business needs to have expectations and measures in place for each of its channels because it’s easy to waste time and money nurturing channels when they’re not delivering us work.

  1. Begin with understanding your channels, who gives you access to your clients  – they could be traditional marketing channels [and this includes digital] and third-party relationships.
  2. If you currently have channels – it’s time to review them. Ask do they give you access to the clients that you really want for your business.
  3. With your current channels your business needs to have actively chosen those, sometimes they ‘come’ to your business rather than you actively picking them.
  4. Like any form of marketing you should have measurements and expectations in place for your channels.
  5. Your channels, either traditional marketing or partner channels need time to work; you need to give them at least 12 months to prove themselves.
  6. Your channel engagement needs to be documented on a 12-month plan and circulated through your business; your team needs to know what your marketing activity looks like.
  7. Your channel partners need to be regularly updated with your business; tell them how to refer you, help them give you clients.
  8. When looking at your channel strategy start with a small amount [amount to be defined by the size of your business] and make sure they are working before you expand.
  9. Always be looking for new channels – when you understand your early channel choices and they are measured and working always be looking for others.
  10. Be opened minded to your possible channel partners and think through how they might give you access to your clients. Clients will at times be referred from unexpected sources.


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